Galifar Calendar

The most common method of marking time is the calendar established by King Galifar III. The calendar tracks the years since the kingdom was founded, using the abbreviation YK. The week is divided into seven days; there are four weeks to a month and twelve months to a year. Despite the fall of Galifar, the nations of Khorvaire have continued to use this calendar.

The seven days of the week are Sul, Mol, Zol, Wir, Zor, Far, and Sar.

The twelve months are named after the twelve moons that orbit the world. The twelve are Zarantyr (January), Olarune (February), Therendor (March), Eyre (April), Dravago (May), Nymm (June), Lharvion (July), Barrakas (August), Rhaan (September), Sypheros (October), Aryth (November), and Vult (December).

The calendar years start from the founding of the kingdom. So 1 YK (Year of the Kingdom) is the

Galifar Calendar

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